NO. 4:

Chutneys compliment a dish as a relish or side enhancement. Primarily fruit and vegetable based, they contain both sugars and vinegars. We know there are sooooooo many opportunities to develop new and exciting flavours in this category but we've chosen to start with our favourites and edit our new choices along the way. What a great reason to come back and see what's in store next!



This is a cherished 400 year old family recipe from from Quebec. In keeping with our motto “WASTE NOT WANT NOT”, this is the perfect chutney. Started from the humble green tomato that is left on the vine in fall and combined with apples, veggies and just the right amount of spices and sugars, it is the MUST HAVE pairing with true Canadian Tourtiere and other pork-based dishes. A wonderful indulgence on your best hamburger .



While pressing our sea buckthorn berries for their valuable juices, we are faced with a dilemma. What to do with all of this fantastic pulp still loaded with just as much HEALTH as the juice? Our most exciting solution has been to create an amazing chutney! Use it in traditional ways with pork, beef, and lamb and as a wonderful pairing with a curried chicken pasta salad. A great substitute to mango chutney - and much better for you!