No. 2:
Elixirs &

Elixirs were originally described as a sweet liquid used for “medicinal” purposes capable of prolonging life. They may have contained alcohol but we believe you can add them to whatever you like! Libations were a drink to a deity or in honour of those both among us and beyond. 

Our Elixirs and Libations may be taken daily as a HEALTH enhancement, used as a CULINARY additive for sauces, drizzles, sweeteners, and marinades, or stocked in the BAR for soda mixers, cocktails or just plain beer “shandy” boosters (we learned that one from a senior customer!).



A native plant to North America, the elderberry grows in the countryside along rivers, farmsteads and forest edges. It can reduce swelling in mucous membranes and help relieve nasal congestion. Elderberries have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and are rich in flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties which help to abate cold and flu symptoms.A nutritious provider of more Vitamins A & C, Calcium, Iron and fibre than Blueberries. Used in sauces such as Cumberland, Pontac, and spiced elderberry. Works well with gin, vodka and bourbon based cocktails.



Black currants deliver over 3 times the amount of Vitamin C and anthocyanin than oranges,  and out-performs blueberries and cranberries in nutrients. It acts as a benefit for anti-ageing, assists brain function, urinary tract health, night vision, dark eye circles and cardio health and is also used to combat cold and flu. Cassis in French, this bad boy also pairs well with booze to make a mean drink.



We bet this is new to you! This is the UBER FRUIT of the century! Nature’s gift of Vitamins and health related properties to those of us living so far North we own serious winter coats and boots! Indigenous to Scandinavia, Tibet, Russia - basically the north! - SEA BUCKTHORN is now grown in Canada. Taken daily for health purposes, as a drizzle on deserts, as a marinade or paired with sparkling soda for a refreshing beverage, Sea Buckthorn is the best gift you can give to your body (other than cod liver oil - and quite frankly, our option is much more fun)!



Ok. So we don’t grow lemons in Ontario - BUT - we do use lemons (a ton of them) to enhance and preserve our other products! So in keeping with flavours, health elixirs, libations and culinary additives, this one is a MUST! Add to hot tea with a touch of honey and turmeric and PRESTO! - you have the best cold/sore throat soother you could ask for. We personally love it on chicken or in vinaigrette...or with vodka on ice.



For those of us who favour the dark berries for their abundance of flavonoids and antioxidants, Blackberry Elixir/Libation is a wonderful addition to our stable of taste meets health, culinary, mixology.  Try it on everything! Check out our recipe for Blackberry Hard Cider fizz.



CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.                       

Red currant, aka "Shrub" (without alcohol) has the same amazing properties as elderberry and black currant, containing anti-oxidants and flavonoids for immune-boosting! WM offers Red Currant elixir exclusively during the holiday season for all your festive libation needs.




A seasonal Elixir / Libation which celebrates the fresh taste of lemon and locally grown lavender.   Enjoy as a flavouring to water for a great wake up, in tea and of course the possibilities are endless when mixing cocktails.



What is Monarda?  Glad you asked! Monarda is a member of the mint Lamiaceae family and is indigenous to the North East.  Our first nations peoples made tea remedies for upper respiratory, digestive and calming ailments. By steeping the flowers we produce this beautiful and fragrant elixir used as a beverage flavouring.  The distinctive rose aroma is a joy in itself.  



Second to Maple Syrup, Cranberry is truly a Canadian symbol.  In addition to its health benefits, it adds a sparkle to everything it touches.  Use as a drizzle, in salad dressings, in marinades (think lamb) and then start pouring.  The mint gives this elixir a complimentary twist which is perfect in our Cranberry Mint Julep.