NO. 3:

Confit is less sweet (read: less sugar) than jam and more intense in flavour making it the best compliment for cheese and charcuterie pairings. At WM we work to create unusual, indulgent and memorable combinations.

QUINCE, 212ml

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.                Originally a Persian fruit, the apple/pear cross has travelled to the U.K., Europe and finally North America. As it's the last fruit to ripen come fall, it's traditional to serve over the holidays alongside a great Manchego Sheep’s cheese, Camembert or aged Cheddar... and of course; Chorizo. Its brilliant red hue is the result of many hours of slow simmering in large copper pans. A touch of lime and cardamom make WM Quince unique.



A killer combo. Known for it’s tart/sweet sensation, the black currant pairs with mild to strong cheeses as well as spicy charcuterie.

** The not so sweet confit is also a favourite as a confiture substitute and a great base for Beef Wellington Sauce.



Ok. So we don’t grow lemons in Ontario - BUT - we do use lemons (a ton of them) to enhance and preserve our other products! This time we've developed our best selling confit to date! The bold combination of lemon and figs is softened with aromatic lavender. Paired with strong cheeses such as Stilton, Roquefort and aged Cheddar, it also works well with spicy charcuterie.


CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.                          For those who enjoy life a little spicy. This confit has the perfect balance of sweet fruit and smokey spice; a perfect cheese board addition or interesting pairing for your next roast!